Solar Wind Tech Privacy Policy

About Solar Wind Tech

Solar Wind Tech (also referred to herein as “SWT”) is a website devoted to the accumulation and dissemination of information related to Solar and Wind Energy technologies.

SWT is a website dedicated to the creation of a community of industries, small and large, that are engaged in the solar and wind-powered industries. SWT web-powered services include three apps that provide the core functions of the website. They are the SWT Directory, the SWT Blog, and the SWT Social app. These apps provide power tools to for companies and individuals to create a niche network of people, companies, services, information, and business opportunities. Access to good accurate information, trustworthy services, proven products, and knowledgeable people is a key block in building a successful business. Please join us in creating that kind of environment in the SWT environment.

It is of utmost importance to SWT that you feel assured that your personal information is well protected in the SWT environment. It is with this in mind that this article concerning your personal information is handled the SWT environment. Please read this article thoroughly for a better understanding.


Introduction to Our Privacy Policy

 SWT's products, services, and websites cater to users across various locations with specific privacy requirements. This privacy policy, along with related Privacy Notices, outlines how we collect, use, protect, share, and transfer information about you when you use our products, services, websites, or apps or interact with SWT. It also covers how we handle information on California residents under the CCPA.

In this policy, "Personal data" includes "personal information" as defined under the CCPA. Personal data encompasses any information about you by which you can be identified or identifiable, either on its own or when combined with other information. This may include your name, email address, username, device information (e.g., IP address), and details about how you use and interact with our sites, apps, and services.

Here's an overview of how our privacy notices work based on your interactions:

- This Privacy Notice applies to interactions through SWT and it's apps and the use of our products and services.
- For interactions through your organization's SWT Directory listing, SWT Blog app, or SWT Social app, we process limited information as a controller.

Please refer to the specific Privacy Notices based on your interactions for detailed information.