What Information Does SWT Collect?

This section outlines the categories and details of personal information that we collect through our Products and Services. We collect and process your personal information to offer our clients and provide you with our Products and Services.

If you choose not to provide personal information when requested, you may not have access to some or all of our services, and you may be unable to use SWT or certain Products and Services. For instance, without the necessary information for account registration, such as your email address, we cannot register you for certain account services.

We collect the following types of data:

  1. Identity Data
    Information such as your username, password, email address, and IP address (collected at each site visit). This information is used to identify individual users of SWT and attribute activities to you. Usernames, profile pictures, question-and-answer content, and reputations are publicly visible. Deleted content may remain accessible to specific community members or SWT employees.
  2. Contact Data
    This includes your delivery address, email address, and telephone numbers for operational purposes, including the provision of Services and Products.
  3. Technical Data
    Technical information, including your internet protocol (IP) address, login data, traffic data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, and platform. This data, along with other account and usage information, may be utilized for diagnosis, security, and optimizing Products and Services.

Account Registration Information

When you register for an SWT account, we collect your name, email address, username, and any additional information you provide. A unique identification number is generated to recognize you when signed in. This information is crucial for account registration purposes. While SWT allows for anonymous and pseudonymous participation, certain Products or Services may require account registration, necessitating a name associated with your account, a contact address, a billing address, and a password for enhanced security.

Billing Information

For Products and Services with payment requirements, we collect billing details, including name, phone number, email address, billing, and shipping addresses for invoicing purposes. If paying by credit card, payment processing is done securely through a PCI DSS-compliant third party. Only an encrypted token, the last four digits, and the expiration date of the credit card are stored.

Profile Information

Completing a public profile, whether for SWT and it's apps, or our Products and Services, may require personally identifying information. Publicly displayed information includes usernames, profile pictures, reputations, and certain elective components like blogs, display pictures, affiliated roles, company details, location, and preferences. Some information is publicly displayed and required, such as membership duration.

Information for Identification and Authentication

This information is essential for recognizing and authenticating users, ensuring account security, and preventing fraud.

Analytics Information

We use data analytics for site functionality and to optimize Product and Service offerings. We use web browser and mobile analytics to allow us to understand SWT and the functionality of its Apps. Analytics are also used to observe user contributions, performance data, errors, debugging information, and user activity. On occasion, this information may be shared with contracted third parties.

Industry Surveys, Questionnaires, Research, and Feedback Programs

Information collected through surveys and feedback programs aids product improvement and provides insights. Consent is sought before using this information.

Marketing and Sales Information

Details of received services, preferences, device information, cookies, and similar technologies are collected for tailoring content and providing personalized experiences.

Data Received Automatically from Devices and Browsers

When visiting SWT, information is automatically received from browsers or mobile devices, including IP addresses, unique identifiers, and data about visited pages. This information is used for security, analysis, optimization, personalized advertising, and job opportunity connections.

Location Information

When you use SWT, and certain of our Products and Services, we collect location information about you, including your IP address, your location, browser information, and how you came to SWT. This is the case for individuals who have registered for an account, and non-members who engage with SWT by visiting our website(s), but who have not completed an account registration.

This information is collected for various purposes, including advertising, analytics and to serve content as it relates to certain Products or Services, as well as to provide you with localized content, recommendations, and marketing. You may revoke our permission to collect some of this data, including your location and browser information through your Account Settings, but this may limit functionality in some cases. Certain location information we collect is required for security and site functionality. We share this information with certain third parties (e.g., talent recruiters, payment processors, and advertising providers) to provide you with our Products and Services.

You should not include any financial information or other information you do not wish to make public when using SWT, a public website. We do not collect such information. It is your responsibility to keep such information safe and secure.

Can I Revoke Permissions Once Information is on the Public Network?

Please be aware that once you contribute content on the public network within SWT, the permission to publish and allow others derivative rights to such public content cannot be revoked. Publicly shared content remains public indefinitely, and SWT loses direct control over it once published on the open internet. This includes the posting of personal information, and users do so at their own risk, relinquishing privacy rights associated with such information. However, users can collaborate with us to remove any personal data posted on SWT in error or that they wish to delete.

Moreover, SWT occasionally makes public content available through our SWT API and by providing it to SWT. It's important to note that once content is made public, it may still be accessible even if removed from the SWT website and servers.

How We Collect Information From You

Information That You Give to Us

  1. Account Information
    When creating an SWT account, we require your email address, username, and password. Your username is the only public information. Optionally, you can provide additional details such as your name, bio, or profile picture. User account preferences and settings are also stored.
  2. Content You Submit
    We collect the content you submit to SWT, including posts, comments, and any communications with moderators or us.
  3. Actions You Take
    Information about your actions on SWT is collected, encompassing interactions with content (voting, saving, hiding, reporting) and with other users (following). Interactions with communities, such as subscriptions or moderator status, are also recorded.
  4. Transactional Information
    If you make purchases from us, we collect specific information, including your name, address, email address, and details about the purchased product or service.
  5. Other Information
    You have the option to provide additional information directly to us. This may include data submitted through forms, registrations for products, newsletters, or services, participation in surveys or SWT-sponsored activities, job applications, requests for customer support, or any other form of communication with us.

Information We Generate or Collect Automatically Through Your Use of Our Services or via Our IT Systems

  1. Log and Usage Data
    When you access and use SWT, we log information about the systems and devices you utilize, including IP address, browser type and version, time zone setting, operating system and platform, device type, and identifiers. This encompasses data about your visits to our sites, full URL clickstream, mobile app usage, and information facilitating your use of SWT, such as URL requests, destination IP addresses, and device configuration details. Additionally, we collect data on pages viewed, search activity, page response times, download errors, length of visits, page interactions (scrolling, clicks, mouse-overs), engagement with dynamic elements, and methods used to navigate away from pages.
  2. Information Collected from SWT's IT Systems
    Information may be gathered from door entry systems, reception logs (e.g., office visits), automated monitoring of websites, and technical systems (computer networks, connections, CCTV, access control systems, communications systems, email, and instant messaging systems).
  3. Information Collected from Cookies and Similar Technologies
    We utilize cookies and similar technologies, small text files that gather technical information, to operate and provide SWT services. This data is used for improving service quality, enhancing user experience, understanding user activity, and personalizing content and advertisements. Details on how SWT uses cookies and disabling options can be found in our cookie policy.
  4. Location Information
    With your consent, we may receive and process information about your location, utilizing methods such as GPS or Bluetooth for mobile devices.

Information We Collect About You From Third Parties

  1. Third-Party Services
    Information is collected through third-party services like Google Ads and Google Analytics for targeted advertisements, personalized content, and analytics.
  2. Links and Social Media
    Our Products and Services may contain links to and from social media platforms. If you connect with us through social media, we may collect additional information, including usernames, profile pictures, contact information, and interactions. Social media platforms may also gather information about your engagement with our Products and Services. Privacy policies associated with these platforms should be reviewed before usage.
  3. Information We Collect From Other Sources
    Information from third parties is obtained to combat fraud, provide services, or relate to your interactions. This includes communications between individuals, organizations, prospects, and other stakeholders acquired from companies sharing combined information with us.

Information Collected from Advertisers and Potential Advertisers

  1. Contact Forms
    When you reach out to us for information about advertisements, we gather essential details through our web form, including your:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Other relevant information

If you proceed to purchase advertising services, we will require transactional information, and additional documentation may be necessary to verify your identity.

  1. Integration of Information
    We may consolidate the information obtained from the diverse sources mentioned above to enhance our understanding and better serve your needs.