International Data Transfers

In providing services to you, it may be necessary for us to transfer or share your personal data with countries other than your own:

  • Our Offices or Group Companies
    This includes entities outside the US.
  • Service Providers
    Sharing data with service providers, like cloud service providers, located outside the US.
  • International Clients
    If you are based outside the US.
  • Services with an International Dimension
    When there's an international aspect to the services we provide to you.

For such transfers, we commit to:

  • Transfer to countries with an "adequacy decision" for personal data protection.
  • Implement appropriate supplementary measures ensuring personal data protection.

By using SWT and interacting with our Products and Services, you acknowledge that your personal data may be collected and transferred from your local jurisdiction (including those in the US) to other jurisdictions.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Data Security

Security is a top priority for us. SWT adheres to generally accepted standards, including Transport Layer Security (“TLS”), to protect your personal information during processing, transfer, and storage.

We have security measures in place to prevent accidental loss, unauthorized access, or unlawful use of personal data. Access to your data is restricted to those with a genuine business need and only as necessary for our legitimate interests. In the event of a suspected data security breach, we have procedures in place to address it. We will notify you and relevant regulators of a suspected breach if legally required.

To further safeguard your information, we encourage you to:

  • Choose a strong password.
  • Share your password only with trusted individuals.
  • Ensure your computer accesses SWT via a secure network.
  • Avoid leaving your computer unattended or failing to log out of your account to prevent unauthorized access.

You can find more information about (a) what we collect and sources of that information, (b) the business and commercial purposes for collecting that information, and (c) the categories of third parties with whom we share that information in the sections of our privacy statement above.